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Thank You

I didn't realize how simple it was to make something like this.
Your tutorial wasn't overly complicated and it got right to the point. You could have elaborated a bit on how to turn it into a working button but in all, it was a neat tutorial.


Newgrounds NEEDS this game! I love it. ^_^

Cute, Original

You get high scores for originality. I appreciate that you drew everything by hand and didn't resort to use a "popular" character as your basis for this game. You probably would have gotten higher scores but we could use more originality here on NG. The only thing wrong in my opinion was that there wasn't a hairstyle that did not feature Betty Paige style bangs :( Bummer. Besides that, it's a nice little game to keep one occupied. :D

Scottoons responds:

Thanks Napalm Girl. Hm, Betty Page bangs... I like that. Maybe in the next version. :)


Alright! We need more things in Spanish here in newgrounds. Noobs here sure need an education with regards to different languages. I also like the game's graphics. It was a tad slow but it was fun nonetheless. :p

Sigue mandando los juegos en espanol. No te preocupes de los que se enojen. Si hay muchas personas que les gustan las cosas en espanol. ^_~


Como todas tus obras, esta tambien me agrada! Tu estilo es simple pero tiene bastante poder. Eres unos de mis artistas de flash favoritos. Me agrada que eres tambien de mi pais. Me da mucho orgullo. Tambien tratare de ser tan padre como tu en relacion de mi flash. Me inspiras un chingo. <3


It even works works with my Wacom tablet. :P Nicely done. I drew an anime picture of a little girl with this. The lines came out nice and steady. Pretty basic but powerful. Good job.


As a Golden Dawn Initiate, I dig this stuff. I'm going to have fun deciphering this. :P
Now if you could do something directly out of 777 that would be nice.


Serpent60 responds:

What is 777, and what is golden dawn?

Fun and pretty pretty graphics but..

I enjoyed this. However it would be a lot more interesting if you could play let's say a tomboy where you can be a girl that can use boy weapons and look more boyish and a sissy and be a boy that can use girl weapons. and look more girly Or just some WTF kid who can use whatever and look like...WTF. That would make the game more enjoyable and much less cliche.

Thank you!

I've been waiting since I was a little girl for this! I've grown up angry and pissy with religion and always wished for a game to show to my elders to - piss them off. Hee hee thank you. The playability is actually really good. It responds well to the controls and the graphics are nice and crisp. I wish Jesus were wearing more and his goatee were more visible but besides that the game was perfect! A 5/10!

Wait a deity game without Cthulhu? Waaah! Well maybe in the sequel perhaps?


I gave you a 9 on this because this sort of thing should be encouraged. I don't like trump one bit and he should me made fun of not admired.


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