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This is now officially one of my favorite cartoons. :D
Cuntilda is my hero. <3

You Rock!

It's It's It's....

Santy! Clauuuuuse!! :D

Once again I am thrilled to see one of your cartoons.
I love lil Reiko. <3

She brings me Yuletide joy! :)

X-Com <3

I loved that game. It had me hooked for years. I played it over and over.
I'm glad to see a tribute made to it.

Keep it up. :)

P4D3LL05 responds:

I know what you mean.The game kicks ass, so when i saw that nobody had made something about XCOM i thought i would give it a try.
Thank you for the 8/10.

My how they Drink Tea and POOP! :3

This cartoon was a joy to watch. First and foremost - it contained original content - two amiable birdies - that have tea together! Their obnoxious voices were hilarious! They really added to the strange and silly feel.

I find your sense of humor very mature - not to mention strange! Hence that's why I enjoyed this cartoon so.

The animation was also well done - even for a first attempt.
Well being a fan of tea myself - I shall impart on you a......*Drumroll*...10.

BTW if your GF gets annoyed with your type of humor....Well at least you can be content that others appreciate your sense of humor here on NewGrounds. :)

phantomZ responds:

Thank you very much. I am glad that you liked this.

Oh Noes not Spock! O_o

I quite enjoyed the well drawn graphics and the political humor was something quite unexpected here at Newgrounds.
I found this cartoon to be a breath of fresh air as the issue it dealt with was a noble one: That of the displacement of talented individuals by an unjust and flawed society.

My favorite Star Trek has always been the original.

So in the spirit of things I must conclude:

It would be highly illogical to give this cartoon a score of anything less than a 5 and a 10.

Hee hee. :P

Good job. :)


...No space pirates. XD
Makes me sad. :(

Overall it was nice and cute. But I deducted some points for the lack of space pirates.

Space pirates ish good.

Good job. :P

Bertn responds:

We wanted to put space pirates at the end but cuz we didn't made credits they aren't space pirates, sorry. (:


Once again your character animation skills impress the heck out of me. :) Good work! The depth of the story progresses with each chapter. Your voice acting was impeccable as well. I look forward to seeing more. ^_^


Wow Santeee Clausss! ^_^

BTW hellos Zekey. :P

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:


Ja! JA!

Unas de las mejores caricas que he visto sobre Mario. Me gusto mucho el fin. Recibieron lo que se merecen! :D

Lol Castillos que sangran. :p

Rete Padre! ^_^

Aunque las voces les faltaban un poco de volumen, los personajes y la animacion estaban rete buenas. El pollo y la lombris me hicieron reir un chorro. Espero ver mas. :3


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